Working Remotely

This page is designed to keep you up-to-date on the latest developments at the Law School and provide staff with resources and training guides for on-line/remote working.

Computing Equipment

If you have a Law School issued laptop, please take it home with you each night, along with any necessary power adapters. If you do not have a Law School issued laptop, the administration will be reaching out to you to discuss other means of working remotely.

Email and Calendaring

Email and calendars can be accessed online through Office 365 via the online portal ( You will need to be prepared to login with two-factor authentication if you have not logged in before.

Telephone Resources

You should either forward your office phone to your cell phone or home phone each night (as this cannot be done remotely). If you would like your desk phone to ring an additional phone (up to 3) such as your cell phone or home phone, you can use the Single Number Reach feature, and finally, SpeechView will allow you to receive your Voicemails as an email with a recording link and transcript. Please be aware that Single Number Reach and SpeechView must be provisioned by ITS and right now, there is a significant delay in setting up these services.

Setting up Single Number Reach: Complete the online request form

Setting up SpeechView: To set up SpeechView, send an email to, and include your Phone Number, CNET ID, and email address.

Communicating via Teams

The Law School supports online chat communication (as well as file sharing and more) via Microsoft Teams.

Setting up a Team: Contact HelpDesk at

If you create a team yourself, use the convention "LAW-teamname" where "teamname" is your department name. For example, "LAW-Events"

Accessing Files Remotely

Remote access to file shares can be done via a secure connection to the University VPN ( There are some University applications (Such as Griffin) which require a VPN connection to use. The VPN, however, is a limited resource. So when working remotely, we advise that you connect to the VPN only when you need to utilize a resource that requires it, and then disconnect as soon as possible to free up the resource for others. If you have files you need to access via a Share, we recommend setting up a Box Share for temporary use, and copy files there.

Contact the HelpDesk to set up a share:

Signing Documents Digitally

You can use Adobe Reader to add a digital signature to documents.