Incoming Student Profile

The Law School produces a background sheet to help the members of your class, faculty, and alumni get to know you. The Class Profiles will be distributed during Orientation.

The Class Profiles are shared with members of the Law School faculty, Booth personnel involved in the Kapnick Initiative, and/or with alumni participants in Orientation.  By submitting this form, you consent to sharing the Class Profiles with the members of your class, Law School faculty, Booth personnel involved in the Kapnick Initiative, and alumni who participate in Orientation.

For questions about the Class Profiles, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students at

About you
Please select the law school class you are entering.
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Additional Information - For Office of the Dean of Students Use Only
Please also indicate your t-shirt size for both your Class t-shirt and Kapnick t-shirt.
Dietary Restrictions
Please indicate whether you have any dietary restrictions, and select all that apply. Be aware that the Law School is only able to accommodate students with a medical restriction, religious restriction, or strong preference such as vegetarian or vegan. Students who select one of the options listed above will have their lunches labeled with their names and will be available for pick up at a separate table. Please note that if you request a special lunch, you are expected to take that lunch. For any questions or concerns please contact us at