Taking a Course at Booth

Law School students may register for classes at the Booth School of Business (Booth). 

Students are encouraged to reference the Student Handbook for the applicable quarterly and overall limits on non-LAWS credits specific to their program/degree prior to registering for Booth classes.

Students cannot register for Booth classes via classes.uchicago.edu nor the Booth registration system. Instead, students must request Booth classes via a polling system administered by Booth staff.

Booth offers Law School students two polling periods.

During each polling period, students are allowed to:

  • Indicate the total Booth courses into which they would like to be registered (one or two)
  • List up to six courses and up to three alternate sections for each of those six courses

Once the polling period ends, Booth staff sends an email to each student who participated in the poll advising as to the outcome.

Successful requests are included in the Booth registration system immediately. They appear in classes.uchicago.edu a few hours later (up to 24 hours), and in Chalk even later (up to 72 hours).  These synchronization processes cannot be accelerated by calling Booth (nor the Law School Office of the Registrar), but it is sometimes possible for faculty to add non-registered students to a Canvas site (students should contact the pertinent Booth faculty directly to ascertain what's possible).

The timeline of the various events/steps of each polling period varies from quarter to quarter. Please see Registration Procedures for Law School Students for the dates/times for the upcoming quarterly registration cycle and a link to the poll.

Many questions concerning the Booth registration process are answered in Booth's FAQ page.