Rule 711. Representation by Supervised Senior Law Students or Graduates

ILLINOIS SUPREME COURT RULE 711 applications are available at:…

Effective July 1, 2013 a J.D. student who has received credit for work representing at least one-half (53 credits) of the total hourly credits required for graduation (105 credits) from the University of Chicago Law School and is a student in good academic standing may be eligible for an Illinois Supreme Court 711 license. 

A graduate of a law school approved by the American Bar Association who (i) has not yet had an opportunity to take the examinations provided for in Rule 704, (ii) has taken the examinations provided for in Rule 704 but not yet received notification of the results of either examination, or (iii) has taken and passed both examinations provided for in Rule 704 but has not yet been sworn as a member of the Illinois bar may, if the dean of that law school has no objection, be authorized by the Administrative Director of the Illinois Courts to perform the services described in paragraph (c) of this rule.…

For purposes of this rule, a law school graduate is defined as any individual not yet licensed to practice law in any jurisdiction.

711 Licenses are not available for students who work at private law firms. 

Agencies Through Which Services Must Be Performed

The services authorized by this rule may only be carried on in the course of the student's or graduate's work with one or more of the following organizations or programs:

(1) a legal aid bureau, legal assistance program, organization, or clinic chartered by the State of Illinois or approved by a law school approved by the American Bar Association;

(2) the office of the public defender; or

(3) a law office of the State or any of its subdivisions.

Application Procedures

  • Complete the top section of the application
  • The supervising attorney must complete the bottom section of the form which includes the agency name and address, type of agency, name and signature of supervisor, date signed, and law student’s signature. 
  • Submit the form along with a document request form to the Assistant Registrar in the Office of the Registrar, room 305 .  The Assistant Registrar will verify the information and forward the form to the Dean’s Office for the Dean’s signature.
  • The Dean’s Office will then forward the form to the Office of the Registrar, which will forward the form to the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts.