1L Big Sibling Program Registration Form

The Law School’s Big Sibling Program matches 2L or 3L students with incoming 1L students. All 1Ls are invited to participate in this year-long program.

2L and 3L Students who volunteer to serve as Big Siblings make themselves available to answer questions about studying, exam taking, getting to know Hyde Park and Chicago, and many other questions that new law students may have. The Big Sibling Program is flexibly structured.  Past participants had lunch with their Big Siblings every few weeks, while others found it helpful to meet once a quarter.

The deadline to sign up is Friday, July 17 at 5:00 p.m.

Questions regarding the Big Sibling program can be directed to The Office of the Dean of Students: deanofstudents@law.uchicago.edu  

For matching purposes, please rank your career interests from most interested (1) to least interested (6)