Reciprocity Policy

1.      The law school attended by the student/graduate must be accredited by the ABA and a member of NALP.

2.      The law school attended by the student/graduate must offer reciprocal assistance to University of Chicago Law School students or graduates.

3.      Reciprocity requests may be made by mail, email, or fax, as far in advance of the student's/graduate's proposed visit as possible (but a minimum of two weeks prior), by a career counseling official from the law school attended by the student/graduate. The letter should be addressed to the Associate Dean for Career Services at the University of Chicago Law School and should include the name, address, telephone number, and email of the student/graduate for whom reciprocity is sought. Upon receipt of this letter, and consistent with the other terms of this policy, a confirmation of reciprocity services will be sent to the career services official making the request; a copy will also be sent to the student/graduate, at the address provided by the career services administrator.

4.      Reciprocity services are available for three months from the date of the letter granting reciprocity, or until June 1, whichever comes first. Each renewal request will be treated as a new request.

5.      Reciprocity services are not available from June 1 - December 1 of each year.

6.      All students/graduates must wait until they have received the letter granting them reciprocity before coming to the University of Chicago Law School Office of Career Services (OCS). Students/graduates must schedule an appointment a minimum of 72 business hours in advance, check in at the OCS office upon arrival, and present this reciprocity letter, each time they visit.

7.      Reciprocity services include access to the OCS Resource Center (a collection of hard copy materials) and hard copies of job postings for 3L students and alumni. Students/graduates must specify whether they would like to view job postings for 3L students or alumni when scheduling an appointment. Printed materials may not be removed or copied.

8.      Reciprocity services DO NOT include access to password-protected sections of the University of Chicago Law School/OCS Web Pages (this includes online job postings), participation in on-campus interviews or off-campus recruitment programs, or counseling services (including, but not limited to, resume and cover letter review). In addition, access to other OCS resources such as copy/fax machines, printers and computers will not be available.

9.      Pursuant to an agreement among the law schools comprising The Chicago Area Law School Consortium, reciprocity services are not available to students enrolled in, or already granted reciprocity by, any of the following Chicago area law schools: Northwestern University, Loyola (Chicago) University, IIT - Chicago Kent, UIC John Marshall, and DePaul.

10.  Reciprocity is a privilege extended to visiting students/graduates. OCS reserves the right to terminate the exchange at any time by notice to the individual and the requesting law school. Misrepresentation of reciprocity status by the visiting student or graduate and/or misuse of any OCS/Law School services or facilities will result in the immediate termination of present privileges and denial of future requests. We also reserve the right to modify our Reciprocity Policy at any time, without advance notice.