Supreme Court and Appellate Society

The Supreme Court and Appellate Society (SCAS) provides a forum for students to discuss, debate, and discover evolving trends in the law of the nation’s various circuit courts and of its Supreme Court. By exposing students to nascent legal developments, SCAS aims to bolster student familiarity with and interest in the theory and practice of appellate law. Through events such as moderated debates with professors concerning incipient circuit splits, less formal panel discussions with practicing appellate and Supreme Court litigators, and joint events co-hosted with partner organizations, we hope to both jump-start students’ thinking about the nation’s varied appellate law and demystify the practice of Supreme Court and appellate advocacy as a career.

2022-23 Leadership

  • President: Natalia McLaren
  • Vice President: Jessica Tomlin
  • Treasurer: Max Rowe
  • Secretary: Michael Jeung
  • Event Coordinators: Ivy Truong and Emilie Birchler
  • Outreach Directors: David Doktorman and Austin Smith
  • 2L Representatives: Sarah Goldfarb, Evan Blanchard-Wu, Darius Diamond, Maddie Fleming, and Jorge Pereira