Law School Musical

The best show you'll see during your law school career is right under your nose. Even law students can have a good time, and the Law School Musical proves that. Original lyrics to familiar tunes supply the structure for a satirical take on life in the Law School. No one is immune from parody, and no one leaves without a roll in the aisles. In past years, the musical has proved to be the humorous highlight of the Winter Quarter, drawing sold out crowds on Opening Night. Titles like "Romie and Julio, everything you wanted to know about love in the law school but were afraid to ask", "Law School: Impossible", "Bigelow Nights", and "Lawyers in Love" set the tone, and the students and faculty in the audience bring the show to life as they laugh and applaud the hard work of the students in the cast and crew.

The musical is written by students during Autumn Quarter, then rehearsed and performed in Winter Quarter. It is a chance for members of all three classes to interact and form lasting friendships. Believe it or not, law students do have time to engage in creative frivolity.