Law Women's Caucus

Law Women’s Caucus’ mission is to promote the interests of women and discussion of issues pertaining to women and gender broadly defined. In a spirit of intersectionality, we commit to empowering students and alumni who are women and underrepresented genders of all orientations, ages, races, ethnicities, abilities, nationalities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and religious beliefs in every sphere of legal study or practice that they should strive to occupy. To this end, Law Women’s Caucus, on its own and in collaboration with other student organizations, provides a forum for discussing issues concerning women and gender broadly defined; devotes resources to student support and professional development; cultivates relationships among students and alumni of the Law School; and amplifies the richly diverse voices of women and underrepresented genders in the legal profession.


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Law Women’s Caucus could not produce meaningful programming without contributions from our sponsors. We are grateful to them for their generous support of women in the Law School.

Women's Advocacy Project

During the 2017-2018 school year, we proudly partnered with the Women's Advocacy Project, which was formed to conduct a one-year study of women's experiences at the Law School. Their findings and recommendations can be found here.


  • President: Franchesca Alamo
  • Vice Presidents: Darby Findley and Carol Kim
  • Directors of Law Firm/In-House Programming: Delaney Prunty and Kelsey Nelson
  • Director of Academia Programming: Clare Downing
  • Director Public Interest/Government Programming: Kim Johnson
  • Directors of Professional Development: Kyra Cooper and Ellen Wiencek
  • Women’s Initiatives Committee: Irene Jeon, Remi Ogunsanya, Caitlan Sussman, Elise LeCrone, Erin Simmonds
  • Outreach & Mentorship Committee: Meena Kandaliu, Lucy Kirichenko,  Ryann Moellis
  • Social & Wellness Committee: Olivia Miller, Betsy Ojo, Julia Petsche, Laura Russell

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I sign up for the mentor program that matches women law students with women alumni?

A. The Women's Mentoring Program, not the Law Women's Caucus, facilitates the mentoring program with alumnae in the Chicago area. The Dean of Students Office facilitates the Big Sibling Program, which connects 1L Little Sibs with 2L/3L Big Sibs.

Q. What's the difference between the Women's Mentoring Program and the Law Women's Caucus?

A. Both organizations make important contributions to the Law School community, but they produce different programming. The Law Women's Caucus hosts lots of events relevant to being a woman who studies or practices law, and the Women's Mentoring Program facilitates the pairing of law students with women alumni.