Law Students Association (LSA)

The Law Students Association (LSA) is the Law School’s student government.

What does LSA do?

  1. LSA approves and works with the Dean of Students Office to oversee all student organizations.
  2. LSA sets the budgets for all student organizations.
  3. LSA works with the Dean of Student Students Office to reimburse student organization expenditures.
  4. LSA acts as a liaison between the student body and the law school administration.
  5. LSA hosts three major all-law school parties (Party Of The First Part, Prom).
  6. LSA provides students with resources and information to make law school more manageable (such as the outline bank, FAQ, etc.).
  7. LSA tries to make aspects of student life more efficient (such as working with The Office of Communications to develop an events calendar).
  8. LSA works with organizations across the Midway to improve law school student life.
  9. LSA tries to make the law school a better place.


  • Jason Shain ’24 - President
  • Madi Gregg ’23 - Vice President
  • Elena Prieto ’23 - Director of Finance
  • Maggie Toms ’23 and Michael Jeung ’24 - Directors of Communications
  • Robert Johnson ’23 and Tyler Mikulis ’24 - Grad Council Reps

Class Representatives

  • Rachel Abrams ’24
  • Lauren Hirsh ’24
  • Natalia McLaren ’24
  • Tyler Mikulis ’24
  • Michael Jeung ’24
  • Maggie Toms ’23
  • Kate Kaplan ’23
  • Elena Prieto '23
  • Madi Gregg '23
  • Brandon Ghadafii ' 23

Elections for open class representative positions will be held in Week 2 of Fall Quarter. Candidates must prepare a statement limited to 150 words to be circulated to the entire law school prior to voting.