Vincent Gambini Society

The Vincent Gambini Society (or "GamSoc") organizes film screenings, hosted by the distinguished faculty and staff of The University of Chicago Law School. GamSoc was established to (1) to honor one of the greatest fictional jurists of our time, Vincent LaGuardia Gambini; (2) to promote fellowship between students and faculty; and (3) to study and to celebrate film and television. GamSoc rejects hierarchical organizing.

  • Joaquin Gonzalez, Executive Usher
  • Alex Green, Sno-Cap Captain
  • Aaron Liskov, popcorn popper
  • Youssef Mohamed, Second-and-a-Half in Command at the Regional S.O.S. Brigade
  • Elena Prieto, Head of Schmoozing
  • Lauren Smith, Full Screen Formatter

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