People’s Collective

The People’s Collective (the Collective), a parliamentary debating society, serves as a means for students to gather and engage in discussions about the issues of the day. The People’s Collective originated as part of the American Constitution Society Chapter at The Law School, so it shares with the society very similar ideological viewpoints and goals, as well as student members. Although the debates will focus on progressive and liberal ideas, the Collective is open to all students regardless of affiliation with ACS or The Law School.

The goal of The People’s Collective is to have at least one debate per quarter following parliamentary debate rules. Debates are typically held in the evening at the McCormick Tribute Lounge within the Reynolds Club.

The debate topics may range from modern day political frivolities to the fundamentals of liberalism. The discussions and debates may occasionally become passionate and poignant, but they are ultimately an informal, amicable, and constructive way for people to tell it like it is while also maintaining a respectable and civil discourse.