2. Responding to the Award

Responding to the Electronic Financial Aid Award Notice

A student can review the Financial Aid notice on by logging into their myUChicago Portal at https://portal.uchicago.edu/ais/. The financial assistance offered is itemized in the Financial Aid Award Notice.

Once the student is ready to sign and accept, reduce, or decline the aid offered, he or she should navigate to the “Accept/Decline Financial Aid” page in the myUChicago Portal.

Note - Students are unable to accept the Grad PLUS loan.  The Law Financial Aid Office (LFA) accepts the Grad PLUS loan on the student’s behalf.  Your first step is to log into the myUChicago Portal to accept the Unsubsidized loan.  If you plan to borrow from the Grad PLUS loan, please submit a Grad PLUS loan application at www.studentaid.gov

A student should respond to the Financial Aid Award Notice as soon as possible after receiving it. If he or she fails to respond in a timely manner, the aid, including loans, may not be available to meet tuition and other charges on the first day of the quarter. Consequently, the student may incur a late payment fee.

Financial Responsibility Agreement/Refund Policy

The Financial Responsibility Agreement outlines policies and procedures governing the management of your Student Account at the University of Chicago during your academic career as a student. Students are required to confirm review of these polices once during their academic career. Failure to review and confirm may result in restriction of future registration.  You will be requested to complete this checklist item in your myUChicago Portal