Public Service and Public Interest Law Alumni

University of Chicago Law School Alumni have long served the public at the local, state, and federal governmental levels, as well as through nonprofits, clinics, foundations, and think tanks, domestically and abroad. Alumni of every political stripe have served in Congress, led government departments, been appointed as judges , and worked in or run nonprofit or advocacy offices. Our graduates are also influential in politics, with leaders on the right, left, and everywhere in between. In the private sector, our alumni can be found among those pro bono practitioners of the highest repute.

The Law School prides itself on providing a learning environment that is characterized both by intense intellectual engagement and by a diversity of political views. This combination provides a law school experience that has proven to be a fertile training ground for public service leaders. Whether helping one client receive adequate compensation through a lawsuit, helping a case load of impoverished clients gain access to justice, or helping the entire country establish a better judicial system, Chicago graduates lead the way in making the world a better place. They are bold leaders charged with navigating real-world complexity and producing results that matter.

The Law School has launched a network of alumni volunteers to serve as a resource for students seeking public interest law opportunities. If you are an alumnus of the Law School and you would be interested in participating in this Public Interest Alumni Network, please sign up here. [All information will be kept on the Law School's password-protected intranet site.]  Your experience working in the public sector or in public interest law can provide invaluable insight to our students.