Young Center's Jennifer Nagda Testifies in Civil Society Consultation with U.S. Government on Access to Justice

Civil Society Consultation with the U.S. Government on Access to Justice

The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) was established by the UN General Assembly as a process through which the human rights records of the United Nations’ Member States could be reviewed and assessed by the UN Human Rights Council. The United States is scheduled to participate in its next review in early 2015. In anticipation of the next UPR, the US government is preparing a report to submit to the UN Human Rights Council. To prepare its report, the US government will participate in several consultations with civil society in the US on its human rights obligations. This Universal Periodic Review Civil Society Consultation is being organized by US legal aid attorneys, public defenders and other experts to focus on the issue of meaningful access to justice in both the civil and criminal contexts. Speakers from the government, legal aid, public defender, tribal court sectors, will make presentations and will provide specific examples of what the U.S. does well and where improvements need to be made to fulfil its international human rights obligations.

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