Virginia L. Aronson, AB, ’69, AM, ’73, JD, ’75, and Simon Aronson, AB, ’64, AM, ’65, JD, ’73: Reading Minds as a Team for 40 Years

The great Aronsons

Virginia Aronson, AB’69, AM’73, JD’75, walks to a corner of the Lincoln Park condo she shares with her husband, Simon, AB’64, AM’65, JD’73. She turns her back to us, closes her eyes, and prepares to read my mind.

Simon, standing near me, starts an easy, well-rehearsed spiel. He takes a deck of cards, riffles through them, and says, “Stop when you see a card you like.” I stop him at the two of hearts. We turn to Ginny on the far side of the room.

“I think it’s a heart,” she says, “and I’m thinking it’s a low card, perhaps the two of hearts.”

Simon then bids me to select any two dice from a huge bowl of over a hundred different colored dice. I choose two at random.

“You’ve chosen a pink one and a purple one,” she says. Right again.

I roll the dice; Simon asks Ginny to tell us what the total was. “The total is 10, but it was too easy, because there’s a five on both.” So I roll again, this time a seven. Ginny tells me so, that it’s a five and a two, and which number is on which color die.

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