Nicole Hallett Discusses Temporary Protective Status on ABC7

Mayor Johnson announces southern border trip; DHS meets with City Council members on migrant crisis

Officials with the Department of Homeland Security met with some City Council members Thursday along with Mayor Brandon Johnson's office to discuss his upcoming trip to the southern border.

Meanwhile, Chicago saw more buses continued to arrive not far from Union Station Thursday morning as the migrant crisis intensifies.

Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez will be at that meeting. He said Homeland Security officials will also be looking at possible housing sites around the city for asylum seekers to move into in the near future.


University of Chicago Law Professor Nicole Hallett explained the temporary protective laws that allow asylum seekers to remain in Chicago.

"It allows individuals from certain countries that are unsafe, or who are facing war or natural disaster can remain in the United States and they won't be deported and they will be allowed to stay and work," Hallett said.

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