Nicholas Stephanopoulos in PolitiFact: "The North Carolina Court Adopted the Same Definition of Partisan Gerrymandering as the Supreme Court"

NC GOP: a gerrymander is 'a strange looking monster drawing'

"The North Carolina court adopted the same definition of partisan gerrymandering as the Supreme Court: a district plan that aims to benefit a particular party and in fact does so severely, durably, and unjustifiably," said Nicholas Stephanopoulos, a law professor from the University of Chicago.  

"That North Carolina's districts are not as ugly as in previous years is neither here nor there. You can obviously have nicer-looking districts that still intentionally and dramatically favor one side over the other," Stephanopoulos said.

Check out this explanation by the Washington Post, which includes a helpful graphic, for a visual representation of Stephanopoulos’ argument.

Stephanopoulos and Eric McGhee, a public policy fellow at University of California-Berkeley, created a new measure known as the "efficiency gap" -- the difference between the two parties' wasted votes, divided by the total votes cast -- which is a focal point in the partisan gerrymandering case from Wisconsin that was argued at the U.S. Supreme Court in October. (Wasted votes are when voters are shifted into districts where their votes won’t matter, either because their party’s candidate can’t win or is already sure to win.)

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