Nicholas Stephanopoulos on Adopting a Standard for Judging Voting District Plans

When Does Political Gerrymandering Cross the Line?

I get it. Winning is better than losing. So, why wouldn’t politicians put a thumb on the scale to ensure a partisan victory?

At least once a decade, usually following the decennial census, states redraw election districts to have about the same number of people and to ensure every community has equal representation. Members of Congress, state legislators and many local officials are elected by voters who are grouped this way.

In a few states, independent commissions draw the lines. But in most, state legislatures wield the pen. In those instances, politicians may draw maps to benefit themselves and their own parties.


Adopting a standard for judging district plans would represent the broadest victory for plaintiffs, according to Nicholas Stephanopoulos, a lawyer involved in the North Carolina case and a professor at the University of Chicago Law School. But it will take the Supreme Court several months to issue a ruling.

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