Malavika Parthasarathy, LLM ’21, Interviewed About Her Journey in Legal Research

First Person Accounts: Malavika Parthasarathy, LL.M. candidate at University of Chicago

Malavika Parthasarathy is an incoming LL.M. candidate at the University of Chicago Law School and a ’18 graduate of NLU Delhi. In this FPA, she talks about her journey in legal research, her reasons for choosing UChicago, and whole lot more.

UChicago is quite an interesting choice – what made you look at this law school in particular? Was it your time at the CLPG? Any other schools that you applied to?

A few years ago, I read a brilliant book called Freakonomics, co-authored by an American economist who teaches at UChicago. The book explained how economics drives almost all phenomena in this world.

I loved how engagingly it was written, as well as the dash of humour that made it immensely readable and accessible. This was the first time I heard about the University of Chicago and began to entertain the possibility of studying there.

While at law school, during my internships, as well as at CLPG, I engaged in empirical legal research in the area of criminal law, judicial reforms, and gender justice. I enjoyed exploring the intersection between law and other disciplines such as politics, sociology, philosophy and economics. UChicago seemed like the perfect place for me because it encouraged an interdisciplinary perspective, and promoted innovation in both research and pedagogy. I was also excited about learning from scholars such as Martha Nussbaum and William Hubbard.

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