Liz Glazer, JD’04, And Her Journey From Law To Comedy

Lawyer Jokes

Stand-up comedian Liz Glazer, JD’04, doesn’t trust a funny person with a regular job. When the doctor performing her breast biopsy last year joked that she had trouble telling her left from right, Glazer laughed; she could relate. “And then,” Glazer says, “I’m thinking the person who was going to tell me if I have cancer in one of two breasts maybe shouldn’t lead with that relatable fact.”

She did not have cancer and went home with some new material.

Glazer, who used to be a funny person with a regular job, had no professional comedy aspirations when she completed a philosophy master’s degree at the University of Pennsylvania and enrolled at the Law School. After graduating in 2004, she practiced real estate law for almost two years at a New York firm but did not share the love for the work that she noticed in her colleagues.

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