Kimberly Rhoten, ’13, Issued Marriage Certificate with No Gender Markers, in Boston First

‘It’s a win for Boston’: City drops gender markers from its marriage certificates

In handing Kimberly Rhoten a copy of their marriage certificate Tuesday, Boston Registrar Paul Chong made history. 

For the first time, the city’s marriage documentation bore no marker of the couple’s sex or gender. It’s a small change, but one that LGBTQ+ advocates say will help ensure equality among Boston residents with historically marginalized gender and sexual identities. 

“I have eagerly awaited a transformative future when my identity and the identities of my community would be recognized and respected by the institutions that govern us,” said Rhoten, who identifies as nonbinary and serves as director of policy and strategic initiatives for the city’s Office of Returning Citizens.

Speaking at a press conference Tuesday, they reflected on the significance of the change, which came a few months after their June 10 wedding.