Kenneth Norwick, ’65, 1941-2023

Kenneth Norwick

Widely admired New York media lawyer and passionate champion of artistic expression, Ken Norwick of Tyringham, died Monday, October 30th at the age of 82.

Born September 14, 1941, Ken grew up in the Bronx where he attended James Monroe High School and went on to earn his A.B. degree from Syracuse University in 1962 and his J.D. degree in 1965 from the University of Chicago Law School.

Early in his professional life, Ken served as a special counsel and consultant to both the ACLU and the NYCLU. Distinguishing himself as a leading authority on intellectual property, communications and First Amendment law, Ken's advocacy on behalf of the rights of creators and publishers continued throughout his 40-plus years in private practice in New York. With an emphasis on copyright and media law, he represented authors, artists and photographers such as the Dalai Lama, Garrison Keillor, Mitch Albom, Annie Leibovitz, and Playboy Magazine. In 2018, Ken won the landmark Goldman v. Breitbart copyright case in federal court in Manhattan which expanded the rights of photographers (and other artists) whose works are exploited on websites.

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