James Butler, '85: Owner of Shaircraft Solutions Creates Enviable Niche Negotiating Private Aircraft Contracts

Speaking of air travel, there is an alternative to putting up with the pat downs, long lines, constant waits, cancellations and the passenger mistreatment you’ve been reading about recently.

But it will probably cost you thousands of dollars per hour.

We’re talking about fractional ownership in private jets.

James Butler is an attorney with a one-man shop in Bethesda called Shaircraft Solutions. Butler, 58, has created an enviable, 20-year niche negotiating contracts on behalf of the one-percenters who can afford to own a piece of a private aircraft. Think Flexjet, NetJets and others.

Butler’s dozens of clients include big-time financiers and sports-team owners; business executives; professional golfers such as Scott Hoch and Bob Tway; retirees; people with two homes; and just plain wealthy individuals who want to smooth out some of the rough edges in their lives.


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