Hubbard and Goldin Appointed ABF Research Faculty Members

The American Bar Foundation Welcomes Three New Research Faculty Members

The American Bar Foundation (ABF) has appointed three scholars to its research community, beginning fall 2022: Jacob Goldin, William H.J. Hubbard, and Nour J. Abdul-Razzak. Professors Goldin and Hubbard will be jointly appointed, Chicago-based Research Professors, and Abdul-Razzak will be a jointly appointed, D.C.-based Faculty Fellow. These scholars will join a robust community of researchers promoting the understanding of law and the advancement of justice through empirical and interdisciplinary research.  

This cohort of law and economic scholars represents the ABF’s commitment to stewarding research at the intersection of law and social science and its impact on society. These scholars bring to the ABF a wide range of expertise, from the economics of crimeto the economics of civil procedureto U.S. tax policy and its effect on low-income households. Their joint appointment with the University of Chicago will leverage their skills as both scholars and educators and create a forum that further promotes public interaction with their work. 

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