Futterman on What Has Happened, and What Hasn't, in the Two Years Since the Laquan McDonald Shooting Video

Top changes in 2 years since release of Laquan McDonald shooting video

Craig Futterman, a University of Chicago Law School professor who was one of the lawyers pressing Chief Criminal Judge LeRoy K. Martin to assign a special prosecutor to probe the CPD’s handling of the McDonald investigation, said the charges against the three officers earlier this year marked the first time police had faced jail time for upholding a “code of silence” to protect other cops. But Futterman was disappointed Holmes didn’t bring charges against high-ranking officers who signed off on false reports.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that the three who were indicted were all culpable and should have been charged,” Futterman said. “To me, it was even more important to go after the brass who signed off on those lies and made those lies the official narrative of the police department.

“[Lower-ranking officers] know that if they go against the official narrative, they would be crushed, their careers would be over.”

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