Four Questions with Amiri Lampley, '20

Amiri Lampley

What inspired you to attend law school?

I have witnessed the criminal justice system and the education system rob many people from my community, whom I consider family and friends, of their life and liberty. I hope that by gaining access into the legal field, I will be able to advocate on their behalf as well as work towards recreating these systems so that they actually serve the purpose of justice, equality, and equity for all.

What is your favorite thing about the Law School so far?

I love the small class sizes, the academic rigor, and how accessible the faculty is. My most endearing memory so far is eating Thanksgiving dinner with Professor Hemel and his wife while casually discussing politics and economics with other classmates who would have otherwise been alone for the holidays. The consistent support has really been a plus, particularly when tackling economics and the law.

How did receiving scholarship support impact your decision to attend the Law School?

I am the first in my family to pursue a professional degree, and it was really difficult to explain to my family and even justify to myself the rationality of taking on such a tremendous amount of debt even for one of the best law schools in the country. Receiving such a generous scholarship provided me with the peace of mind and confidence to enter uncharted territory and affirmed that I was making the right decision.

What career path do you hope to pursue?

I would like to practice at a large law firm to gain knowledge in the areas of employment, tax, and government regulations for a few years, while maintaining a substantial pro bono workload in criminal justice litigation. Eventually, I would like to acquire a position as general counsel for a school board or school district and open a nonprofit boarding school for at-risk children.