Exoneration Project Presents New Evidence in Attempt to Reverse Murder Conviction

Attorney: New evidence could reverse Snow's murder conviction

A parade of witnesses who testified against Jamie Snow at his 2001 murder trial have recanted, creating a pool of new evidence that could reverse Snow’s murder conviction, an attorney for the former Bloomington man told the 4th District Appellate court Wednesday.

In the decade since Snow’s trial, “significant new evidence has come forward, evidence that changes the view and the look of this case,” argued Tara Thompson, with the University of Chicago Law School’s Exoneration Project.

Snow is attempting to reverse a lower court ruling that denied him a hearing on post-trial issues, including his effort to have ballistics testing done on bullets from the scene where William Little died in a 1991 robbery of a Bloomington gas station.

“This is a classic case where ballistics testing has the potential to point to other suspects,” said Thompson.

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