David A. Weisbach on Trump's Taxes

New Revelations About Trump’s Taxes. What It All Means

“There’s things like that that will strike people …  kind of as deeply wrong,” said University of Chicago law professor David Weisbach. “He’s claiming a deduction where then he passed a law that prohibits us from claiming.”

Despite the intricacies of tax law, Weisbach said some of the takeaways from the Times’ reporting are easy to digest.

“He’s paid $750 in taxes two years running and yet, you know, is flying on private airplanes and living a lavish lifestyle. I think that’s going to strike a lot of people as generally wrong,” Weisbach said.


Weisbach said it's possible that Trump may just enjoy being a celebrity at the golf courses he owns, even if they’re losing money.

Or the losses may show that Trump is a bad investor and businessman.

He said it may also show that some of the losses or deductions claimed by Trump may not be legitimate.

Or it could be a combination, Weisbach said.

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