Craig Murdock, '65, 1940-2021

It is difficult to convey who a person was at the end of their life, after so many years have passed, and they have been so many different people in the time they were here. It is easier to sum up their professional accomplishments. Craig Murdock was accomplished. He had a Judicial Doctorate from the University of Chicago School of Law, and a Master of Laws from the London School of Economics. He had a successful family law practice in Colorado before moving to the Bay Area. Craig was a member of the bar in Colorado, California and Montana.

He was a man of the West. His favorite relative was his grandmother Mildred Graham who had a ranch in Montana, where he spent summers. She was rough and fun and she could throw a tin can in the air and quick-draw her pistol to shoot it down. He loved these things about her, loved being on the ranch, working outside and walking in the land. He spoke fondly, longingly of hitch-hiking up the pacific coast highway to Alaska when he was younger, and making his way working odd jobs in salmon fisheries and as a stream guard for the summer.

He said the best time of his life was living in London as a student at the LSE. He spent evenings with friends drinking and talking late into the night, in a new city, starting a new life with a new wife and a darling curly-headed boy. They were all young, and idealistic, with more opinions than life experience, before being hit with mid-life and careers and the hard reality of keeping it all afloat.