Cathy Hwang, ’10, Discusses Her New Corporate Law Casebook

Hwang Co-Authors New Corporate Law Casebook To Appeal to Gen Z Students

When Professor Cathy Hwang joined the faculty at the University of Virginia School of Law, the former mergers and acquisitions attorney was asked whether she would prefer to teach the specialized corporate law class geared toward aspiring corporate lawyers or the class geared toward the school’s generalists.

“I elected to teach the general section because I think business law should be for everybody and everyone should take business law,” Hwang said. “Business law is everywhere, but you don’t see it until someone shows it to you.”

Hwang’s goal with teaching — and with her new textbook, “Business Associations: A Modern Approach,” available Sept. 18 — is to make corporate law visible, accessible and relevant to all.

She curated the book with her co-author, George Mason University law professor Paolo Saguato, over the course of three years. A cadre of research assistants helped find the perfect cases to appeal to today’s students.

“We asked them to find cases that state the law clearly and that excite you, that you think are interesting,” Hwang said. “They would send us briefs with 12 summaries of cases that define, say, agency. Our leading case, for example, is about agency in the context of fair housing.”

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