Ashley Hall Roberts, '95: Named the 2018 Fitness Ministry Entrepreneur of the Year

4:13 Fitness Club Starts a Movement in Chicagoland

They say that God is always at work around us — working in ways to grow and prepare for His work and His kingdom.  We know it abstractly, but sometimes it is hard to see and experience.  From our human perspective, our journeys can seem so convoluted and confusing ... and we wonder why and what (and sometimes IF) God is actually up to something.  What does God intend to do with my life?

At least that’s how it was with me. 

But sometimes, after much longing and yearning and asking and searching and praying and waiting and seeking ... God shows you.  And all of a sudden, it all comes into sharp focus.  You see the things He started decades earlier.  You see it in the ways He formed, crafted and grew you.  You never would have recognized at the time, nor would you never would had the patience to endure if had He explained any sooner.  But then, in a flash, it becomes clear.  Crystal clear.  God made you for THIS.

At least that’s how it was with me.

My entire journey began to make sense — meeting Jesus and fitness simultaneously at the age of 13, being questioned by friends and family about my relationship with Christ, struggling through body image issues, being introduced to alcohol and sexuality, earlier than I would have liked, hanging on to Jesus and to exercise through many ups and downs, my first job, my hobbies, my career track, the many things I had to fight for and through —  all of it began to make sense and to lead to this: the fusion of faith and fitness.

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