Anthony Casey and Colleagues Write About Cross-Border Insolvency

How a Commitment Rule Would Improve the Choice of Cross-Border Insolvency Forum

In a recent article, we propose a new rule for determining the proper forum for insolvency proceedings. Currently, the Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency, promulgated by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (“UNCITRAL”), looks to a debtor’s center of main interest (“COMI”) to determine the proper forum for a foreign main-insolvency proceeding. This rule is flawed. It is both inflexible and manipulable. It is also indeterminate and neither requires nor allows advance commitment by debtors. As a result, it leads to uncertainty, increases litigation costs, and opens the door to opportunistic manipulation by debtors. These costs, in turn, raise the cost of credit for all companies.

We propose a better approach – the “Commitment Rule” – for determining the proper insolvency forum. The rule allows debtors to signal an advance their commitment to a particular insolvency forum. To make this commitment public and binding, the debtor must put it in its company’s constitution. This upfront and observable commitment eliminates uncertainty and opportunistic manipulation.

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