Andrew S. Boutros Featured in Netflix's Food Supply Chain Docuseries

Honeygate: Trade & Customs Fraud Enforcement and White-Collar Crime

Messrs. Boutros and Gauder’s presentation also coincides with Netflix’s January 5th, 2018 release of its new series, Rotten, which exposes the fraud and corruption in certain segments of our food industry, including from food merchandise imported from overseas.  One of the six episodes will be dedicated to what has been dubbed as “Honeygate,” which was successfully investigated and prosecuted by Mr. Boutros when he was a federal prosecutor in the United States Attorney’s Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois (Chicago) and Agent Gauder, who is still a Special Agent ICE-HSI (Chicago), along with other members of their law enforcement team.  Their cases still stand as the largest customs fraud, food fraud, and international trade fraud cases ever prosecuted in U.S. history, with 27 defendants charged, $260 million in losses, all apprehended defendants convicted, and their cases being featured repeatedly in both chambers of Congress (U.S. House and U.S. Senate) as well as the press as trailblazing cases with extraordinary results. 

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