Apply to the MLS Program

The MLS Application Process

The Law School will generally offer admission to a small number of applicants, likely between one and three per year, depending on the number and strength of applicants.

The following procedure describes how to apply to the MLS Program. If there are questions about the Law School or these materials please feel free to contact the Admissions Office by email.

Application materials may not be submitted electronically to our office at this time. They must be submitted in hard copy format as described below. Please note that you may not use the LSAC application system to apply to our MLS Program and there is no application fee required to apply.

1)   Complete the MLS Application. If your answers to any of the questions require further explanation, or if there is other information not solicited on the forms that you think may assist the Law School in considering your application, you are encouraged to attach an additional statement.

2)   Provide undergraduate and graduate school transcripts reflecting a complete history of your academic performance. Contact the registrar at each institution of higher learning you attended requesting an official transcript in a sealed envelope. Include this transcript in the unopened envelope with your application. Officials may send the transcript directly to the MLS Admissions Office if they prefer.

3)   Distribute copies of the MLS Recommendation Letter Form to at least two and no more than four people who know your academic work for confidential letters of recommendation to be sent to the Law School and indicate the names of those people on the Application Materials Form. Recommendation letters, in sealed envelopes, may be enclosed with the application or they may be submitted directly to the MLS Admission Office if your recommenders prefer.

4)   Supply the information requested in the Basic Information Form for MLS Students and submit before you send your application materials to the Law School. Although all of the information requested is also supplied by you in the application, submitting this information to us electronically before you apply will enable the MLS Admissions Office to expedite the processing of your application materials once they are received.

5)   Enclose with the MLS Application for Admission:

  • The Application (with the MLS Application Materials Form);
  • A statement of purpose detailing why you wish to pursue the MLS degree and how it will help your research
  • A resume or curriculum vitae;
  • Undergraduate and graduate school transcripts (unless submitted by a Registrar's office); and
  • Letters of recommendation (unless submitted by a recommender).

Send all of these documents to:

MLS Admissions Office
c/o Ann K. Perry
Associate Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid
University of Chicago Law School
1111 East 60th Street
Chicago, IL 60637

MLS Program applications should be submitted by the application deadline of March 1, 2024.