Basic Information Form for LLM Students

Please supply the information requested below and submit it electronically before you send your application materials electronically through the LSAC LL.M. Credential Assembly Service (LSAC). 
Although all of the information requested below is also supplied by you on the Application for Admission, submitting this information to us electronically before you apply will enable the Admissions Office to expedite the processing of your application materials once they are received from LSAC.
Please leave a response blank if you have no information to provide.
Information about you
Information about your first law degree institution
Copy and paste your country and institution name from this list. If you don't find them in the list, please enter them in the format "Country - Full Name of Institution." Example: Egypt - Cairo University.

After you click "Submit" you will receive a confirmation email message. The first line of that message will contain your BIF code. You will use that BIF code to answer question #10  on your Application for Admission.