LSSO Speaker Request Form

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LSSOs interested in inviting a distinguished guest to the Law School, including alumni of the Law School or University, an elected or appointed government official (judge, senator, attorney general, etc.), law firms, providers or any other high profile person, must receive approval from the Office of the Dean of Students prior to extending an invitation. Please kindly allow two weeks for a response to all requests. 

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Please be mindful that the COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines may change quickly based on the current guidelines set by the University at the time of your event. You may need to adjust your format as necessary.
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Are you expecting any disruptions/protests in response to this speaker?
Would you like a Dean-on-Call to be present for your event?
The Dean-on-Call is the university official responsible for providing support to students during an emergency. The Dean-on-Call intervenes at times to de-escalate a situation between students and other members of the campus and/or community. 
Are you requesting security for this event?
On rare occasions, LSSOs host events for which additional security is necessary.  If a LSSO needs security for an event, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students as far in advance as possible so necessary arrangements can be made.  There is a fee for security service with a 4 hour coverage minimum, which will be charged to the organization’s LSSO account. Additionally, if your speaker will bring, or anticipate to bring, their own security detail, then please email to further discuss.