Andrew M. Rosenfield

Andrew M. Rosenfield

Senior Lecturer in Law

Andrew M. Rosenfield, an economist and a lawyer, was educated at Kenyon College, Harvard University, the University of Chicago, and the Law School.

Rosenfield is a Managing Partner of Guggenheim Partners LLC and Managing Partner and Chief Executive of The Greatest Good, an economics and philanthropic consulting firm. Greatest Good is led by Rosenfield, Steve Levitt, and John List among others and includes many of the world's best economists. Rosenfield was, for more than 20 years and through its sale to a public company, President and Chairman of Lexecon Inc., a firm that he co-founded in 1977 with Richard A. Posner (Ret. Judge on the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit) and William M. Landes (the Clifton R. Musser Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago).

Rosenfield is also active in the Chicago community and is a member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Chicago and Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Journal Articles

  • "Is Texas Hold 'Em A Game Of Chance? A Legal and Economic Analysis," 101 Georgetown Law Journal 581 (2013) (with Thomas J. Miles & Steven Levitt ). cu
  • "Communication among Competitors: Game Theory and Antitrust Application of Game Theory to Antitrust," 5 George Mason Law Review 423 (1997) (with Dennis W. Carlton & Robert H. Gertner). cu
  • "Ticket Pricing," 40 Journal of Law and Economics 351 (1997). cu
  • "The Regulation of Banks and Bank Holding Companies," 73 Virginia Law Review 301 (1987) (with Daniel R. Fischel & Robert S. Stillman). cu
  • "Impossibility and Related Doctrines in Contract Law: An Economic Analysis," 6 Journal of Legal Studies 83 (1977) (with Richard A. Posner). cu

Book Sections

  • "Impossibility and Related Doctrines in Contract Law: An Economic Analysis," in Economic Analysis of Contract law, Antitrust law, and Safety Regulations, Jenny B. Wahl ed. (Taylor & Francis, 1998) (with Richard A. Posner). cu
  • "Discovery from Experts," in Antitrust Economics (1980) (with Frank H. Easterbrook). cu

Other Publications

  • "How Real Options Lead to Better Decisions," Financial Times, October 25, 1999 (with Robert H. Gertner).
  • "Teaching Law," Swarthmore College Bulletin, November 1980 (with Frank H. Easterbrook).