Albert Alschuler

Julius Kreeger Professor Emeritus of Law and Criminology

Albert Alschuler graduated magna cum laude from the Harvard Law School and was Case Editor of the Harvard Law Review. He has been a law clerk to Justice Walter V. Schaefer of the Illinois Supreme Court; a special assistant to the assistant attorney general in charge of the criminal division of the US Justice Department; a professor of law at the University of Texas, the University of Colorado, and the University of Pennsylvania; a visiting professor at the University of Michigan, the University of California at Berkeley, the Brooklyn Law School, and Columbia University; and a visiting scholar at the National Institute of Justice and the American Bar Foundation.

Alschuler has written on plea bargaining, sentencing reform, privacy, search and seizure, civil procedure, jury selection, legal history, legal ethics, confessions, courtroom conduct, William Blackstone, Oliver Wendell Holmes, American legal theory, and other topics, most of them in the area of criminal justice.


Harvard Law School
LLB, magna cum laude, 1965

  • Case Editor, Harvard Law Review, 1964-1965

Harvard College
AB, cum laude in history,  1962

  • Conant Prize
  • Coolidge Prize
  • Class Orator
  • Honorary Harvard National Scholarship  


The University of Chicago Law School
Julius Kreeger Professor Emeritus of Law and Criminology, 2006-present
Julius Kreeger Professor of Law and Criminology, 2002-2006
Wilson-Dickinson Professor, 1988-2002
Professor of Law, 1985-1988
Fellow, Center for Studies in Criminal Justice, 1967-1968

Northwestern University Law School
Professor of Law, 2006-present
Jack N. Pritzker Distinguished Visiting Professor, spring 2005

New York University Law School
Visiting Professor, spring 2009

Columbia University Law School
Visiting Professor, fall 2001

Brooklyn Law School
Visiting Professor, fall, 2000

University of Pennsylvania

Professor of Law, fall 1984
Visiting Professor, fall 1983

University of California at Berkeley
Visiting Professor, fall 1981

University of Colorado 
Professor of Law, 1976-1984
Visiting Professor, 1973-1974

University of Michigan
Visiting Professor, summer 1975

University of Texas

Professor of Law, 1970-1976
Associate Professor of Law, 1969-1970
Assistant Professor of Law, 1966-1967

United States Department of Justice

Special Assistant, Honorable Fred M. Vinson, Jr., Assistant Attorney General in Charge of the Criminal Division, 1968-1969

Honorable Walter V. Schaefer, Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court
Law Clerk, 1965-1966


  • Fellow, American Bar Foundation (1988-present)
  • Law and Society Association
    Board of Trustees (1982-1984)


  • Visiting Scholar, American Bar Foundation(spring 1984)
  • Visiting Fellow, National Institute of Justice (1975-1976)
  • Sutherland Prize, American Society of Legal Historians (1997)
  • Guggenheim Fellowship (1997-1998)


  • Murray Lecturer, University of Iowa (1997)
  • Dunwody Lecturer, University of Florida (1997)
  • Mellon Lecturer, University of Pittsburgh (1983 and 1991)
  • Thompson Lecturer, Northern Illinois University (1983)