Chicago's Best Ideas with Saul Levmore

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Weymouth Kirkland Courtroom
1111 East 60th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637
Open to the Law School community

Are Property Rights Really So Good?

Two, or even three, of Chicago’s Best Ideas (in the past) involve the genius of simple rules, such as clear property rights. Parties are expected to bargain with one another after they have knowledge of who controls what. Most of contracts, corporate law, employment law, and intellectual property start with this idea, while torts, family law, and environmental law are usually understood as beginning with what can be called a fair-division norm. In this CBI, Professor Levmore will describe the great ideas behind these approaches, and then offer some new ideas about the evolution of law around the question of when a single-winner baseline makes sense. The talk is aimed at 1Ls but everyone is welcome.

Lunch will be available for registered participants at the conclusion of the event.


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