UChicagoLaw on Affordable Care Act Decision

The Opinion

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Faculty Discussion

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Quotes from the Faculty

  • Prof. Anup Malani
    • “The Chief Justice found a compromise nobody expected."
    • “The debate over activism is more political than legal. Activism (as a concept) has been cheapened. It means ‘I disagree with the Court.’”
    • "The court is going to start looking less activist whether you're on the left or the right."
  • Prof. David Strauss:
    • "To me the only surprising thing is that this was 5-4 and not 8-1 or 9-0."
    • "This became a political fight. It stopped being a legal fight. That explains why something that should have been an open and shut case became so controversial."
    • "It's not twisted logic to say it's bad policy but still constitutional."