LSSO Alcohol Event Request Form

Please use the below form to obtain permission to serve alcohol at a University of Chicago event. Contact The Office of the Dean of Students at with any questions or concerns. 

The following guidelines must be strictly followed:
  • Persons serving alcohol must be at least 21 years old and have completed UCARE training.
  • Groups must designate one student and one full time staff or faculty member to be responsible for the event and present for the entire duration of the event. 
  • For events where individuals under 21 may be present, University staff or faulty members or their direct designees may have to check identification and serve the alcohol.  
  • Appropriate precautions must be taken to ensure that event participants under 21 do not have access to alcoholic beverages.
  • Sufficient amounts of non-alcoholic beverages must be available and adequate quantities of non-salty food must be served.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages will be limited to an approved area, usually a closed room or section of the building.  The organization sponsoring the event is responsible for ensuring that alcohol is consumed only in the designated area and not carried outside the area or the building.
  • Individuals are not allowed to bring their own alcohol to an event.
  • There may be no reference to the availability of alcohol in any publicity for the event.
  • No alcohol may be served during the last half hour of the event.
  • The event must be open to all students of legal age.
  • You must request permission (via this form) and receive approval by the Office of the Dean of Students prior to hosting the event. 

Event Information

Type of Alcohol to be Served:
This person is agreeing to supervise this student organization program. This includes monitoring student alcohol consumption and staying for the entirety of the program’s duration or until all alcoholic beverages have been disposed of.