Studying Law at UChicago

What sets UChicago apart from other law schools is our unabashed enthusiasm for the life of the mind - the conviction that ideas matter, that they are worth discussing, and that legal education should devote itself to learning for learning's sake, not just for earning's sake. UChicago students enjoy their classes and do not simply endure them. Eminent faculty teach first-year courses because, as committed teachers, they want to share ideas with students. We are passionate - even intense - about ideas. Our energy creates camaraderie that spills over from inside the classroom to outside the classroom, where we continue our conversations in the more relaxed atmospheres of the student lounge, restaurants, clubs, and sports stadiums.

Critical reasoning is a crucial part of the University of Chicago Law School experience  - some would say it's our defining characteristic. Our faculty and students are deeply involved in the life of the mind, and delight in spending their days challenging each other to dig ever deeper into the law as an intellectual discipline.

Interdisciplinary Education

UChicago's devotion to interdisciplinary inquiry is as old as the school itself.

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Academic Culture

What sets Chicago apart from other law schools is our unabashed enthusiasm for the life of the mind - the conviction that ideas matter.

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The Bigelow Program

The Harry A. Bigelow Legal Research and Writing Program is the Law School's program to train first-year students in the skills most critical to the legal profession - legal research and legal writing.

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The Socratic Method

The Socratic Method is not used at UChicago to intimidate, nor to "break down" new law students, but instead for the very reason Socrates developed it: to develop critical thinking skills in students and enable them to approach the law as intellectuals.

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Public Interest and Clinical Work

Learning the law at Chicago is a collaborative venture between faculty and students that begins in the classroom but extends far beyond it.

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Joint Degrees

The Law School offers the opportunity to earn degrees jointly with other University of Chicago graduate schools.

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