Constitutional Law Courses

The courses listed below provide a taste of the Constitutional Law courses offered at the Law School, although no formal groupings exist in our curriculum. This list includes the courses taught in the 2013-14 and 2014-15 school years. Not all of these courses are offered every year, but this list will give you a representative sample of the variety of courses we might offer over any two-year period. Other new courses will likely be offered during your time at the Law School. To browse course descriptions for the current year, visit our Students section.


Administrative Law

American Law and the Rhetoric of Race

American Legal History, 1607-1870

Civil Rights Clinic: Police Accountability

Comparative Constitutional Design

Comparative Legal Institutions

Conflicts of Law

The Constitution in Congress

Constitutional Decision Making

Constitutional Law I: Governmental Structure

Constitutional Law II: Freedom of Speech

Constitutional Law III: Equal Protection and Substantive Due Process

Constitutional Law IV: Speech and Religion

Constitutional Law V: Freedom of Religion

Corporate and Entrepreneurial Finance

Counterintelligence and Covert Action - Legal and Policy Issues

Criminal Procedure I: The Investigative Process

Criminal Procedure III: Further Issues In Criminal Adjudication

Current Issues in Criminal and National Security Law

Development of Legal Institutions

Developments in Fourth and Fifth Amendment Jurisprudence: Effects of Emerging Technologies

Election Law

Employment Discrimination Law

The Evolving Relationship between the Federal Government and the States

Federal Courts

Federal Criminal Practice

Federal Criminal Procedure: From Bail to Jail

Feminist Philosophy

Foreign Relations Law

Fourteenth Amendment Seminar

Greenberg Seminar: Democracy's Limits

Greenberg Seminar: Wine and the Law

Higher Education and the Law

History of Civil Liberties in the United States

Human Rights: Alien and Citizen

Immigration Law

The Interbellum Constitution

Law and Race

Law and Religion

Legislation and Statutory Interpretation

Life in the Law


Obscenity Law and Pop Culture

Originalism and its Critics


Religion, Law and Politics

Reproductive Health and Justice

The Roberts Court

U.S. Supreme Court: Theory and Practice

When is Political Power Legitimate?

Workshop: Constitutional Law

Workshop: Public Law and Legal Theory

Young Center Immigrant Child Advocacy Clinic