Constitutional Law Courses

Administrative Law

American Law and the Rhetoric of Race

American Legal History, 1607-1870

Capital Punishment in America

Civil Rights Clinic: Police Accountability

Conflicts of Law

Constitutional Decision Making

Constitutional Law I: Governmental Structure

Constitutional Law II: Freedom of Speech

Constitutional Law III: Equal Protection and Substantive Due Process

Constitutional Law IV: Speech and Religion

Constitutional Law V: Freedom of Religion

Constitutional Law VI: Constitutional Rights in Comparative Perspective

Criminal Procedure I: The Investigative Process

Criminal Procedure II: The Federal Adjudicative Process

Employment Discrimination Law

Executive Branch Design

Federal Criminal Practice

Federal Legislative Power

Feminist Philosophy

Foreign Relations Law

Greenberg Seminar: Religion and the State

Greenberg Seminar: Wine and the Law

Higher Education and the Law

Immigration Law and the Rights of Noncitizens

Law and Practice of Zoning, Land Use, and Eminent Domain

Law and the Mental Health System

Legislation and Statutory Interpretation

Life in the Law


National Security Issues, Public Policy and the Rule of Law, and the Fostering of Students' Skills in Analysis and Presentation

Obscenity Law and Pop Culture


Religion, Law and Politics

Sexual Orientation and the Law

U.S. Supreme Court: Theory and Practice

Workshop: Constitutional Law