Jurisprudence and Legal Theory Courses

Advanced Law and Economics: Theory and Practice

Behavioral Law and Economics: Selected Topics

Capital Punishment in America

China and International Law

Cicero's De Finibus and Hellenistic Ethics

Comparative Legal Institutions

Constitutional Decision Making

Constitutional Law I: Governmental Structure

Contemporary Virtue Ethics

Economic Analysis of the Law

Emotion, Reason, and Law


Evolution of Legal Doctrines

Expressive Dimensions in Law

Federal Courts from the Judge's Perspective

Federal Legislative Power

Feminist Philosophy

Human Rights I: Philosophical Foundations of Human Rights

Human Rights II: History and Theory

Jurisprudence I: Theories of Law and Adjudication

Law and Advances in Medicine

Law and Political Thought: Neoliberalism and Its Critics

Law and Politics: U.S. Courts as Political Institutions

Law and the Theory of the Firm

Law, Politics, Economics, and the Making of the Modern Middle East

Legislation and Statutory Interpretation

Life in the Law

Property Theory

Public Choice

Public International Law

Readings in Legal Thought

Risk Management and Policy Decision-Making

Topics in Moral, Political & Legal Philosophy

U.S. Supreme Court: Theory and Practice

Workshop: Judicial Behavior

Workshop: Law and Economics

Workshop: Law and Philosophy