Complementary, Multi-Disciplinary, and Cross-Listed Courses

Advanced Law and Economics: Theory and Practice

American Law and the Rhetoric of Race

Behavioral Law and Economics: Selected Topics

Business Planning

Cicero's De Finibus and Hellenistic Ethics

Climate Change

Contemporary Virtue Ethics

Emotion, Reason, and Law

Expressive Dimensions in Law

Feminist Philosophy

Financial Accounting

Fundamentals of Accounting for Lawyers

Greenberg Seminar: Crime and Politics in Charm City: A Portrait of the Urban Drug War

Greenberg Seminar: Kafka and the Law

Greenberg Seminar: Law in Chicago Fiction

Greenberg Seminar: Religion and the State

Greenberg Seminar: The Internet Generation

Greenberg Seminar: US Foreign Policy after the "Arab Spring" and the Death of Bin Ladin

Greenberg Seminar: Wine and the Law

Investment Management

Islamic Law

Law and Advances in Medicine

Law and Literature

Law and Political Thought: Neoliberalism and Its Critics

Law and Politics: U.S. Courts as Political Institutions

Religion, Law and Politics

Roman Law

Topics in Moral, Political & Legal Philosophy

Workshop: Law and Economics

Workshop: Law and Philosophy

Workshop: Legal Scholarship

Workshop: Regulation of Family, Sex, and Gender