Qualifying Work

Qualifying pro bono work must be:

  • Legal related, and
  • Supervised by a licensed attorney or Law School faculty member


  • Legal research and writing, interviewing, counseling, oral or written advocacy, or representation of individuals in court, administrative, or other hearings.
  • Lecturing on legal topics or writing informational brochures or web information on legal topics for under-served communities, and service to the legal profession or legal institutions. 
  • Assisting underserved or disadvantaged individuals find or obtain needed legal information, or general information about what the law says or how the court works, or legal forms.   

Does not include:

  • Non-legal public service such as volunteering for a homeless shelter, food drive, or park clean-up project. 
  • Work on political campaigns.
  • Work done for academic credit hour or financial compensation.

Approved Work

Students who find pro bono work independently or who have any questions about whether something qualifies are encouraged to check with the Pro Bono Service Initiative Manager, who will make the final decisions on qualifying work.