Class of 2016 Gift Campaign

What is the Class of 2016 Gift Campaign?

The Class of 2016 Gift Campaign is a student-led initiative supporting the Law School Annual Fund. Members of the Class of 2016 join together to make a Class Gift, a collective class contribution to the Law School. The Class Gift focuses on participation, not dollars raised. It is the act of giving that is important – gifts of any size make a big difference.

What is the Class Gift supporting?

You can choose from the following funds when you donate:

  • Law School Annual Fund
    The Dean uses this fully-expendable fund each fiscal year to support top priorities and critical needs, including scholarships, clinical programs, faculty research, and student services and activities.
  • Mandel Legal Aid Clinic
    These funds support clinic work throughout the Law School.
  • Alumni Faculty Fund
    These funds support faculty research and retention, ensuring learning under the top professors.
  • Alumni Scholarship Fund
    These funds support student scholarships and financial aid.

What is our goal?

This year, our goal is to achieve the highest participation rate ever. The Class of 2015 set a new record at 86% participation with 221 students who made a gift. We are confident that the Class of 2016 can greatly exceed that number.

How much should I give? 

Because we focus on participation, the act of giving is what's important. In honor of our class, we suggest of gift of $20.16, but a donation of any size will make a big impact.

Isn't my tuition enough?

Tuition covers the day-to-day expenses for only half a school year. When tuition runs out, that's when philanthropic support kicks in. Tuition also doesn't allow for any growth.

How do I become involved?

Come to the Class of 2016 events! Like us on Facebook! And most importantly, make your gift! You can give online right now at: 

Please contact Michelle Engleman, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, at with any questions.