Firm Challenge FAQs

What is the Firm Challenge?      

The Firm Challenge is a variation on the Law School’s former Law Firm Representative Program. We are inviting law firms with five or more alums to join the race and compete against other firms for the honor of being one of the firms with the highest percentage of alumni to make a gift to the Law School. The winning firms will receive special recognition and prizes. The Challenge aims to strengthen our alumni’s connection to the Law School through events, volunteerism, and fundraising.

How are the Winners of the Challenge Determined?      

The firm(s) within each Group to achieve the highest participation rate of alumni giving will be declared the winners. For purposes of the Challenge, a gift of any size and to any designation made to the Law School between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014 (the Law School’s fiscal year) will count toward your firm’s participation rate. This includes, among other things, all outright gifts and pledge payments, a contribution to a Reunion Class Gift Fund, a gift that is restricted to a specific area of the Law School, or a gift to the Annual Fund.    

What are the Incentives for Firms to Win the Challenge?

The winning firms in each Group will have the opportunity to “sponsor” and attend an event with students at the Law School free of charge. Additionally, the results of the Challenge will be posted on the Law School’s website and printed in the Record. The results also will be prominently displayed during on-campus interviewing, increasing the winning firms’ visibility among our students. 

What is the Role of Firm Representatives?<