Taking Classes Across the Midway

The Law School encourages law students to take classes across the Midway, and all law students can receive up to 12 credits toward the 105 credits required to graduate from the Law School by taking classes in other departments throughout the University.  Although those grades appear on your Law School transcripts, the grades do not count toward your Law School GPA.   If you are interested in taking a class across the Midway, please review Section 1.11 of the Student Handbook.

Should you take classes across the Midway?

In the words of students who have taken classes across the Midway:

  • "Absolutely do not hesitate.  The educational opportunities across the midway are diverse and exceptional.  It behooves any interested and intellectually cultivated student of law to expand their horizons by taking full advantage of the wonderful subjects they have at their disposal." 
  • "I would encourage students who are getting into a business related law field to take classes across the midway.  It was a nice break from case reading and I definitely learned a lot that will be applicable to my career." 
  • "I thought it was a great experience to round out my law school education and interact with other graduate students with very different perspectives."
  • "Definitely do it.  When else will you get a chance to study subjects outside the law?"
  • “Highly encourage.  The Law School is great.  But it is only a small part of an equally great University.  Take advantage.”
  • “Don't wait until your third year.  Take advantage of it at an early stage, because there are probably several classes outside of the law school that would be enjoyable to take.”
  • “I would recommend it, especially languages or business classes--at least, if you are interested in corporate work or commercial litigation.  It gets you out of the legal sphere and better able to read and interpret materials important in dealmaking, evidence management, and fostering client relationships.”
  • “It is fun to take a class outside the law school, and I would recommend it to anyone.”
  • “It gave incredible context to some of my law school classes.”
  • “If a law student is interested in the business side of the law, which includes die-hard litigators, they should take basic business school classes like Competitive Strategy.  It gives insight into how businesses behave in the real world, what motivates them, and where the law fits in.  Great idea.”
  • "I would encourage other students to take more classes at Booth."  


If you are contemplating taking classes across the Midway, please keep in mind the following requirements:

  • The course must be substantive and bear a relation to your future legal practice or to the study of law in general.
  • You must complete an approved petition and receive permission before enrolling in any class outside the Law School.
  • The course must be graduate level, although exceptions are occasionally made for undergraduate foreign languages that you have not previously studied or that you test into.
  • If you are a graduating student in your final quarter at the Law School, please keep in mind that the Law School is not on the same academic calendar as the rest of the University, therefore you must explain the Law School’s grading deadlines to the faculty member and the faculty member must agree, in writing, to provide a final grade or a provisional pass (if taking a class at Booth) by the University deadline for submission of grades for graduating students.
  • The class may not have substantial overlap with any class taken at the Law School or any prior institution.

Steps to take to register for a non-Booth class across the Midway:

  • Go to the University of Chicago Class Schedules and Registration interface (https://classes.uchicago.edu/) and click on the Advanced Search link.
  • Choose a department from the list and click the SEARCH button.
  • Review the list of classes offered by the department and select a graduate level class that you would like to take. 
  • Email the instructor of the class in which you seek to enroll.  In some cases you will need the professor’s approval to register, and you should establish with the professor whether you will be taking the class pass/fail or for a letter grade.
  • Complete the online petition to take a non-Law School class for credit.  The petition is available at: http://www.law.uchicago.edu/students/petitions/nonlawcourse
  • After your petition is submitted, you will receive either an approval or denial from the Dean of Students or the Office of the Registrar via email.
  • If the petition is approved, the Assistant Registrar will enroll you and notify you once that process is complete.

Petitions may be submitted through the end of the first week of class.  Petitions submitted thereafter will not be considered.

Steps to take to register for a Booth class:

If you are interested in taking a class at the Chicago Booth School of Business (Booth), please follow the Booth registration instructions for Law School students at https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/taking-courses-at-booth/law-school-students.  Information displayed via Booth pages is maintained by Booth staff and updated as per Booth’s schedule; as of 8/17, information for Autumn 2015 is unavailable, please continue checking for updates.

Students taking a Booth course who would like to elect Pass/Fail grading are required to complete the Pass/Fail Request form in the Booth Dean of Students’ Office (typically by the Friday of the fourth week of the quarter). After this deadline, no changes can be made to a Pass/Fail request.  If you intend to take a Booth course Pass/Fail, make certain that it is permitted, as some professors do not allow the Pass/Fail option.

Please Note: Booth has changed its process for how it delivers and how students pay for course materials.  In the past, students purchased course materials (e.g., text books and custom course packs) at Barnes and Noble or at other booksellers.  Beginning in Autumn 2013, cases, articles, and simulations for Booth courses will be delivered electronically on Chalk.  To cover the costs of these materials, students registered in Booth courses will be charged a course book fee of $25 per course.  The expense will be added to a student's tuition bill.  The course book fee replaces the custom course pack; students may also be required to purchase text books. 

Evaluations of Classes Taken across the Midway:

Beginning with the 2010-2011 academic year, the Law School has started surveying students about classes they have taken across the Midway.  The results of the surveys (including evaluations of specific classes) are kept in a binder in the Office of the Registrar for students' use.  If you would like to review the binder, request the binder from the Administrative and Instructional Support Specialist in the Student Services Suite. 

Questions about taking classes across the Midway?

Please talk to the Registrar, the Associate Director of Student Affairs, or the Dean of Students.